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Apartment Studio apartments, hotel accommodation, we offer our guests. Rooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, refrigerator, satellite TV, direct dial telephone, air conditioning, balcony, internet connection, 24 hours and the Centre are hot water heating system. 1 room accommodation can be provided up to 4 people. Service to our guests a Bed & Breakfast accommodation is provided in HB, Our Apart is very suitable for long-term stays.

Our Apart hotel;

  • 24-hour reception service
  • Lobby
  • Cafe
  • 45 people, study rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Fix menu dinner (optional)
  • Elevator
  • washing, washing, drying
  • 1,2,3, and 4-person rooms

Studio Apartment-shaped rooms;

  • Bathroom, Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms, Balcony
  • 24-hour hot water
  • central heating system
  • TV
  • room wireless internet
  • Satellite TV system

Difficulties and the unseen costs of renting a home, freeing you to make your stay enjoyable and economically will be glad to welcome you.